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Life is a joke and death is the punch line.

Pointless rants from a modern mind that's too far gone.

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My dream in life is to live in a time period that DOESN'T make everyone go completely insane. Unfortunately, time-travel isn't an option. So I'm cursed with the 21st century, the 21st century is cursed with me, whatever. How do I deal with it? By slacking off on everything, of course. :D I feel like I'm from a different world a lot of the time, and not surprisingly, that showed up in a psychic reading once. I'm really a fairy that's been reincarnated as a human. Still working on that past life reading thing though. Also, there's apparently a distinction between being bipolar and being a Gemini. I've always used being a Gemini for my excuse.

If you're going to read this journal, proceed with caution. We're all crazy here in Wonder Land.